Volume of Lives

Memorial Volume of people's life.

Stone is the only one material that is impossible to produce by us. I have felt the stone is positioned the furthest away in contemporary culture and civilization, in spite the stone had been used by us on the primitive age.

"Volume of lives" is a project that many people keep one small piece of the stone from which had been cut from one stone. It will be kept in a pocket, in a bag, on the table of the house or on the desk top of a workshop; it always passes time beside the person. After a period of time [5 years, 7 years, 12 years, lifetime], I collect each piece and restore them to original stone. A stone scattered to the various people who are in different culture, different job and different life style, will be infiltrated by a life. It will start with the stone at first for a 5 year, a 7 year and a 12 year span. Concerning lifetime span, there is a sure thing that I and collaborators will not be in this world, so I intend the place to be sent back a piece of stone where is the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art.

  • The projects of a 7 year, a 12 year and lifetime span; I also have started to look for a person who accept a piece of stone. Please send me your information if you are interested in the project.

VOL-1 (finish)   → Volume of Lives
VOL-1, photos from collaborators  → vl-1
VOL-2 (finish)   → vl-2
VOL-2, graffiti project→ vl-2
VOL-3 (still collecting)→ vl-3
VOL-4 (still collecting)  → vl-4
VOL-2003 whole life. → vl-3
VOL-D (finish)  → vl-3
VOL-MN (start to collect) → vol-mn
VOL- 2006 whole life → vol-51
VOL-U.K. (2009) → vol-43
VOL-Orkney (2010) → vol-Orkney
VOL-London (2012) → vol-LOndon
VOL-JXIII (2013) → Vol-JXlll

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