Volume of lives 2002-2007 Vol.1

from collaborators

I receive some photos and comments from collaborators. Each collaborators have enjoyed each situations. I am looking forward to recieve any information about a piece of stone, and to remake one mass of stone on 2007.

I recieve some photos from Ms. Yokoyama who had been Lithuania for a exhibition. The piece of No.14 was placed in the pavement of the presidential mansion for a while.
Ms. Sekiya sent me a photo, the stone is hanging from
a wash-line pole. she is thinking now what does she do.
No.13 and No.21
Ms. Marlies Borsch and Mr. Albert Hettinger live in Bitburg in Germany. Ms. Borsch sent me these photos with a little comment that is the following. Last weekend Nr.13 and I were in Trier (the oldest town in Germany) and not far away from Bitburg. We visited the "Tuchfabrik". It is an alternative centre for art and culture. There was an exhibition of art. There was a sulpture of Albert too. - You see also a picture of Nr.13 in front of the "Tuchfabrik". - After that we have gone the the "Kaiserthermen" (a very, very old bathroom of the Roman when they were in Trier about 2000 years ago).
The picture of Nr. 13 in the "Kaiserthermen" is not so good, we will visit that place again. You see a next picture of Nr. 13 on a chair in the apartment of my good friend Detlef. Detlef is a doctor in our hospital. The patients love him, cause he is a good and a kindly doctor.
In the year 1991 Detlef was a member of an international Peace Camp during the Gulf War in Irak. After that he took part of a demonstration in Israel for Peace with the Palestine People. You see (I hope so) a picture of Nr. 21 in a memorial for the victims of the World War (Memorial by Albert Hettinger).
The stone has a position in the garden, looks like the king and queen.

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