Volume of lives 2002-2007 Vol.2

graffiti stone

inside's piece-1 inside's piece-2 inside's piece-3

There is one shape of inside stone of "Volume of Lives Vol.2".
This oval flat shape is divided 58 pieces. I had sought collaborators who do graffiti on each surface. Every piece came back with each color and graffiti on the end of March 2003. I showed it in my exhibition, and this work got a lot of fan. It is very funny and beautiful that I put each piece together.
We will be able to see this graffiti until 2007, thiis graffiti will be covered by outside pieces that are "Volume of Lives 2002-2007" when these will come back.

inside of Volume of lives

before graffiti

inside of Volume fo Lives

inside form of behind "Volime of lives Vol.2"

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