Volume of lives 2002-2007 Vol.2

October 2002 :

  • The shape of "Volume of Lives 2002-2007 Vol.2" is completed. The shape of whole mass is like a flat thumb. I had spent a lot of time to solve how cut a base part of a stone for setting up again lastly.
    There are 84 pieces be bivided. I already sent to collaborators.

June 2008 :

  • 70 collaborators sent back the stone in June 2008, and I put these stones together into one stone which is the first shape.
    One of collaborator had met her end when she had just finished collaboration, however she was so young. I put her stone together into the first shape againe.
    Well, I haven't received 7 pieces yet, five collaborators lost the stone, and two stones are on a way to me now. We can see inside shape which is the graffiti project in 2003 through some openigs.
    I want say a lot of thanks to all collaborators. The stone is extremely wonderful now.

Volume of lives Vol.2 the face of one piece
First shape of "Volime of lives - Vol.2" in 2002 before sending to collaborator.

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Volume of lives vol.2
"Volime of lives - Vol.2" 2008 latest shape

November 2002 :

inside of stone inside of stone
inside is graffiti stone.

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