excavation water-2017

"excavate a water - 2017" finished

Exhibition finished on the 22nd January 2018. It was held in Ise Contemporary Museum of Art for five months.
I removed all works on the 24th January.
I appreciate all persons concerned my exhibition.


a view of exhibition


Exhibition has been held biennial located beside mt. Tsukuba in Tsukuba-city on the 1st October to 12th November. This time 16 artists participated the exhibition.

more details of exhibition / "ART SESSION TSUKUBA 2017"

excavation water 2017

Atsuo OKAMOTO exhibition [ excavate a water - 2017 ]

I had been digging a concept of water reflection after I graduated university, it's almost 40 years ago.
My resent works shape are very closed water reflection's shape since I started excavation's works.
I'm excited and interested in water reflection's work again, and also calculations of shapes though the water.

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"excavate a water 2017"



Atsuo OKAMOTO exhibition [ EXCAVATION 2016 ]

I show my recent concept and works which is an excavation of hole. I think it comes from a kind of physical thinking, it's in a logical thing, not emotional things.

more details of exhibition / "EXCAVATION 2016"

faraway mountain - 3
"faraway mountains - 3" 2016 / white granite
faraway mountain - 3 & river
"faraway river" 2016 / be made by many kinds of stone as same as colors of a dry riverbed.

Atsuo OKAMOTO exhibition [ faraway memories ]

from the 16th May till the 4th Jun.

Gallery IRIYA Tokyo
2-30-2 Kitaueno Taito-ku Tokyo 110-0014
Gallery IRIYA Tokyo

more details of exhibition / "Atsuo OKAMOTO exhibition 2016 - May"



moony MARUDA

Left photo is my work in "ART SESSION Tsukuba"
Facebook of "ART SESSION TSUKUBA 2015"
2015.10.4. - 2015.11.23.

Left below photo is my work in "AMABIKI 2015"
Facebook of "AMABIKI 2015"
2015.10.10 - 2015.12.20.

I show space and sculptures in two outdoor's exhibitions.
One exhibition is "ART SESSION Tsukuba 2015" where is in a area beside my house. And the other is in my studio area.
There are different locations each other. "ART SESSION TSUKUBA 2015" is located in a mountain village, and "AMABIKI" is located in a plains farm field also beside a cycling road.
Both exhibitions are biennale exhibition and continue over 20 years.

exhibition page / "ART SESSION Tsukuba 2015" my work
exhibition page / "AMABIKI 2015" my work
exhibition page


September 2015

I already started a sculpture working from the 24th August. I was so happy that I returned a working which I left before a last operation.
I made and installed a nameplate of the entrance of my house used river stone that I've wanted for five years.
I had a lot of times in the latter half of August. So I wanted to make a name plate for rehabilitation after leave hospital. I went riverside and looked for a stone for spending half day. Finally found a nice stone, and made planing letters on it. Then I asked a sandblast company to carve letters.

Somehow, it was a good rehabilitation for my health. So I started to make large new sculptures for outdoor's exhibitions from October.
And universities will start soon.


August 2015

It already passed two years from a operation which I cut out my left Jaw to remove cancer. My new left Jaw has been replanted from my left fibula. It has been very good function to keep my Jaw, and also I can eat almost foods and speak any words, although it is slowly.
It became losing mouth balance recently. Left side Jaw's bone is too thin compare with other side. So I have an operation to replant a part of ilium bone to add left Jaw. This operation is in this August, and I will be in hospital for three weeks from the 4th August.
I visited the Samukawa shrine to pray for the success of the surgery before hospital. I had visited there two years before also the same reason. I think this shrine's divine has a strong power.

Concerning August, I can't connect internet from my PC around two weeks. So please send some massage to my Facebook, if you want contact quickly. I think it's possible to read it my mobile on a bed in a hospital.


workshop at Fare Tachikawa JP 2015

2015.3.15. I did a workshop at Fare Tachikawea where located north west of Tokyo. There are a hundred outdoor's sculptures in this area. Artfront gallery produced this sculpture's project in 1994.
Citizens made a team that have been keeping clean these sculptures until 1994. I had a workshop for this group.
I made a shape used white granite, then cut it many pieces. Each participant keeps a piece of stone and paints many things on stone. Then I collect all pieces and put together into first shape.
All participants were excited a lot.

It came out a so powerful sculpture, it's impossible to make this power by one artist.

collaborate sculpturecollaborate sculpture


Exhibition "excavation" 2014
- Gallery Tokyo Humanite

I have an exhibition at the Gallery Tokyo Humanite from the 1st December till the 20th December 2014.
It's the first show after I had an operation last year. I have need times one year and half to manage my show, because I had to wait recovering new energy.

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Information 2013

okamoto work in amabiki

AMABIKI 2013 and Art Session TSUKUBA

from September to November.

There are held two big exhibitions in the autumn 2013.
I participated both exhibitions. but I couldn't make new works for these. Although I wanted to show my new sculptures in both exhibition, it was impossible to make these because of my health problem which I wrote in the below.
I have had a plan for AMABIKI. I had chosen my plan's location in the village of Amabiki already. But I couldn't do for my plan. But I had an opportunity to progress a small sculpture of my first plan.

please click Amabiki 2013 page in the Exhibition page.


after operation

18daysthe 18th August

It has passed 4 weeks after operation.
Many tubes on my body were off around two weeks before.
I'm leaning how use my new jowl to drink and eat as a rehabilitation. Of course It's difficult to eat large foods and hard foods still now. And it's difficult to walk, so I have to do walking training. Because a leg bone had removed as a jowl bone.
Slowly and slowly, I'm recovering.

And, I'll be able to leave hospital in August. Doctor is also surprised at my fast recovering.
I'm always thinking that I'm normal, I can do normally for everything. I'm always thinking positively.

photo is in ICU
photo is almost 2 weeks after ope

Bone's size

my left legthe middle of Jun

Although I have felt something pain in back tooth in a year, finally a cancer part in my jowl's bone was found out by workup in Tsukuba university hospital. I was very calm and clear after a doctor has said that so.
I thought I want to cut out cancer part from my jowl as soon as possible before a cancer goes to the body. Doctor said also same opinion.
It seems to be a very hard operation, cut off half jowl and replant leg bone and skin to same part as a new jowl and gums.
Doctor checked size on replanting part of leg. There are many marks on my leg.

I'm still very cool. but I feel something anxious about long hospitalization. I worried about my sculpture works for next exhibition and also lessons in universities.
I made up my mind to have an operation.

2013 March

Spring has come. It had passed strong winter, and it becomes so hot spring specially.
Cherry blossoms are in bloom already almost 10 days earlier than the average. Just in front of my house, some street stalls opened also 10 days earlier for cherry-blossom viewers. I like sweet dumplings, but enduring patiently until full-bloom.
I could get dumplings in the end of this month probably.spring yatai

Information 2012

2012 October

My home groundI spent a lot of time to making sculptures for a exhibition of Metal Art Museum in Chiba Japan. Photo is out door's sculptures in the Museum.
Exhibition is held from the 20th October to the 18th November.

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I installed a protection software against spam and virus programs in my computers since two months ago. So I missed some important messages from email. I really apologize to all my friends.
I had set well protection software after the exhibition start, so all emails are well now.
I had no time to set well when I had been making sculptures for exhibition of Metal Art Museum.

2012 August

My home groundI've come to my sweet home ground located the north side of Hiroshima city on the 10th of August. There are a beautiful river and a lot of mountains.
My mother is living here with a beagle named Momoko 8 years old.
I'm anxious that mother 83 years old lives alone with a dog. Although I'm asking her to move to my house where is around 600 miles from Hiroshima, my mother doesn't agree yet.
She likes here Hiroshima city, might have special memories. So I come back here twice in a year whatever happens.

2012 Jun to August

Volume of lives - LondonJake Harvey has his show at the ART FIRST Main in London, I and Jessica Harrison also have each exhibition at the ART FIRST Project from the 28th Jun till the 18th August.
I show a new turtle project work which will start to invite collaborators, and two turtle project works of "Volume of lives" which were already compleated collaboration.
The right photo is the new turtle project piece for the exhibition.
I ask people to collaborate each stone for five years, after that return a piece to the gallery. and each piece will be put together again to a stone's shape.


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2012 from March

Warwick PlanetI visited Warwick Art Center in March, and installed three sculptures of "Forest planet" which I had shown at the Chelsea College of Art & Design last year. the right photo
Then I moved to Edinburgh for a workshop. After that I installed two sculptures which I had showen in the Gayfield Square garden in Edinburgh in 2010, Borders Sculpture Park is located in near of the border between Scotland and England, the sculpture park will open from the next Spring.
Those sculptures were installed at first for the sculpture park.
Here is so beautiful location, which belongs to Mellerstain House and Gerden .
photo of the below.a sight in Borders Sculpture park

New year 2012

new year in JapanNew year 2012 started with all dreams and all wishes.

A happy new year for all of us.

We revive Japan, it's our turn with love.

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