Atsuo OKAMOTO exhibition - "EXCAVATION 2016"

26. Sep 2016. - 7. Oct 2016
Galley SEIHO Tokyo

I drill deep holes into a stone, then drill another hole to a point of the first hole from the other side.
A stone starts to breath slowly when two holes connected in the stone. Then I excavate these holes from outside.
This time, I left some single holes and excavated these from another side. Single holes are not connected with any other holes and are not through out.

exhibition scene
front side: "an excavation BB-No.27" 2016, black basalt."
exhibition scene
from this side: "an excavation BB-No.27" black basalt.
backward: "a fossil -GB, -LS, -WG".
exhibition scene
from this side: "an excavation BB-No.27" black basalt / backward: "a fossil -GB, -LS, -WG".
beside window is small works: "a fossil of breathing 2016"/ "excavate hole RS 2016".
An excavation BB-No.27
"an excavation BB-No.27" 2016, black basalt.
a fossil
from the left: "a fossil -BG" 2016, black granite / "a fossil -LS" 2016, lime stone / "a fossil -WG" 2016, white granite.

a fossil

"a fossil of breathing" 2016, white granite, size; 27 * 25 * 25(h)cm
excavate hole

"excavate hole-RS 2016" granite, size; 21 * 21 * 26(h)cm
a small breathing

"a small breathing RS" 2016, stone, size; 16 * 14 * 9(h)cm


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