2015.10. 10. - 2015.12. 20.   "AMABIKI 2015" exhibition

Forty artists participated "AMABIKI 2015" exhibition, so we can see forty sculptures in 5.5 km beside a cycling road in a countryside.

I installed a sculpture titled "moony MARUDA" beside cycling road faces wide rice field.
There are a lot of drill holes through the body of sculpture, all drill hole pints to the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant which had been damaged by an earthquake and a tsunami in 2011.
Maruda's shape looks like Daruma which is a symbol character of patience and prosperity in Japanese culture. Although we draw two eyes on Daruma's face when we were realized our wish, Maruda has many holes and no eyes yet.

moony MARUDA
"moony MARUDA" 2015 / white granite / size: 86 cm(w) * 70 cm(d) * 170 cm(h)
moony MARUDA
moony MARUDA


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