the circumstances on Atsuo Okamoto in the exhibition

The exhibition's preparation was started one years before to arrange many thing for the exhibition. I started to looking for my space where I install new planning sculpture. Then I found a ruins where I had used to use the same exhibition in 2003.
"UNIT" sculptures in the 5th Amabiki village and Sculpture in 2003
The house had been empty for some years in that time. And now the house falls into ruin perfectly. I wanted to show my concept and a sculpture in this ruins.
Then I tried to make a basic shape of my plan. But on the way to making, I had to be in hospital. Some moth later just before some weeks to the exhibition, I leaved hospital.
I installed a old work in the place. But I had a opportunity to complete my first plan as a small work in a small workshop in the period of the exhibition. Of course I'm very happy.

"workshop sculpture"

"going to be a wind (from 'CRUST - cocoon '99')"
CRUST - cocoon '99

CRUST - cocoon '99


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