The time and the space are equality. Object's existance bears no relation to the size.
The most important thing is imagination.
from doll's exhibition
"Seven Gods" 2001 size: 22cm(h)
Memorial Volume-4
"Memorial Volume" 2001 size: 23cm(h)
small unit
"UNIT A.LB. s1/10" size(cm): 19.45(h)*8.6(w)*4.6(d)
small unit
"crust" the lighting in the garden. size: 100cm(h)
"M.V. puz"  size(cm): 21(h)*23(w)*19(d)
small collabo small collabo
small collaboration's works with Mr.NODA
who is painter and paints on a sculpture.
hole series
"Forest" & "hole" series
Faraway mountain series
"Faraway mountain" series
on the wall
on the wall
behave gracelly
"CRUST" and others
picnic My works
Cat "I'm --- free... So what"
cubic code
"cubic code"

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