Each series of photographic works

space space
"self Portrait" 1992
My photographic work is always life size.
When photographing the figure each photo is a life size section of the figure.
I then assemble all the photos to make a 3 dimentional figure.
In my photo piece called Sand, I took 700 life saize photos of beach sand and
assembled them to make one picture . In the center of this piece a human is
buried in the sand and the shape of the body emerges from the sand.
Body1 1992
Body2 1992
line of the road
Line of the road 1998
line of the body
Line of the body 1999
sand 1999
Woman in the Sand -1999.9.9 (2m*20m) A4 size print 700sheet
sand 1999
Woman in the Sand -1999.9.9 (part)
tabacco a cigarette-vending machine in front of
the house at Kurahashi.
cross "Crosswalk of the road" 1998. 250cm*350cm
collaboration collaboration with Mr.Noda who is painter.

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