Supporters and Sponsor wanted


  1. I'm looking for collaborators who can accept and keep a piece of stone of further's project.
    please contact me.
  2. I've asked about collaborator's nationality, job, age an gender. This information will appeared on the catalogue and this website

Sponsorship; (to back up the project)

Sponsor wanted!
I want sponsorship to make progress toward complete and further's project. Please make contact to me who have interest in this art projects.
I wish you would do some donation to the project, it will be used to pursue the project: ie. transportation, information, correspondence and making catalogues.

  1. One share is two hundred US$.
    In retern I will give a small 'artpiece' as a token for your sponsorship.
  2. Sponsor will get a right to own one project work after it will be completed if he provide all funds for the project.
  3. "Volume of Lives" and "World Pavement project" are going now. "World River project" is planning and researching no now.

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