"Turtle- memorial volume"

09.2001(made the shape from a rough stone)--made the form
09.2001- 02.2002(look for collaborators)
09.2001- (asking for the sponsorship of the project)
11.2001- 02.2002(send each pieces to collaborators)
11.2001- 02.2003(place each pieces at each environments)- outdoor2outdoor3
02.2003- 03.2003(collect the all pieces)-
03.2003- 12.2003(showed the work and made catalogue)-exhibition
2004 ---(a piece came back from Moscow)
(be keeping for next show)

"Volume of Lives" Vol.1, Vol.2, Vol.3, Vol.4, Vol.L, Vol.D, Vol.MN, Vol.WL-2, Vol.UK

2002-2003(compleat the shape)-rough stone
2001-2002(look for collaborators)-
2002-2003(show the shape before sending) Vol.1, Vol.4, Vol.5-
2002-2003(send each pieces to collaborators)-rough stone
untill 2007/2008/2015/life end(each pieces live with each collaborators)-
2008. Jun"vol.1" and "vol.2". collected pieces and showed these at gallery-
2009. Mar. --"vol.3" and "vol.4" and "vol.D". started to collect each piece of
2010. --New work "vol.Pier" will show and start to look for collaborators.
2010. --"vol.3", "vol.4" and "vol.D" will be shown.
2011. Aug. --"vol.MN" will start to collect, and send it to Saint Paul / Minnesota.-
2014. Sep. --"vol.UK" will start to collect.-

"Memorial Volume - pavement"

2003(showed the form before send to the world)-MV-Pavement
2003-2004----(looking for collaborators and send a piece)now

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