Wrold Turtle Project

Stone is living. Stone is weathering slowly in the long span of thousands and ten thousands of years, breathing a very small amount of water and air. White granite stone has the nature to absorb water easily. When we leave it outdoors, it absorbs the color of the environment and dirt and air. People have an understanding that it's unpleasant if the stone-creation or sculpture easily takes on color and becomes dirty.

In this "TURTLE project" I take advantage of this stone's nature. I cut one stone into pieces. I send each piece to the various kinds of places in the world on the earth. Each stone is left in the various surroundings for 1~5 years like traveling for training. In that process, the each stone changes subtly by absorbing the color of plants, air and environment. After some period of time, I collect each piece and restore them to the original stone. A stone scattered to the various places of the world and infiltrated by the color and memories of the place and people is restored again. But it isn't an original stone already. It's a volume that contains memories of each of its surroundings and cultures of the world.

  • the 2nd project: "Volume of lives"

    I will start the next project named "Volume of lives" from the middle of January 2002. Each person who accepts a piece of small stone keeps it always beside of him/her for a period of 5 years. After the 5 years each piece is collected to restore to the original stone.

  • the 3rd project: "World Pavement Projec"

  • the 4th project: "World River Project"


"TURTLE - memorial volume"
A shape of mass is before sending to collaborators

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