The stone came back from the world

"Memorial Volume - turtle"

This work is the first work of the Turtle project has started from 2001. Almost every piece came back from each collaborator of each country in the April 2003 except 5 countrys.
I showed this work at the Gallery Yamaguchi on this spring, on that time many news papers wrote critics about the Project and this work.

Till the September 2004, more 2 pieces came back.
the place where the stone had lived   →
I appreciate many people help and support, and I would like to say thanks a lot to collaborators.


The right side picturs were taken at the 2003.4. There were some green part whict is by green moss.


The right side picturs were taken at the 2004.9.
Almost all green parts disappeared. Because all green mosses were oxidized and changed brown collor. It is also the life of green moss and the reality of a stone.

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