Earth Call - Hirosima 082-263-0540

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What is "Earth Call"

There is a telephone inside of the stone.
This phone is connected and has a phone number.

You can call into this stone from anywhere in the world.
When the phone rings 5 times it is automatically answered inside the stone. The caller can hear the sounds around the stone and at the same time the caller's voice can be heard comming from the stone.
In this art project each caller becomes the maine character in the project when that person calls the stone.
Please try calling the stone now. Your call will be connected to the inside of a big stone located in the inner garden of the Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art.
You will be able to hear the sounds of Hiroshima and your voice will be heard comming from inside the stone.

The Phone number is (+81) 82-263-0540

earth call photo2
It's possible to see the point of stone where you call by GoogleMap.

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