"Environment call- Tsukuba" 1985

In 1985 at the "Tsukuba International Environmental Art Symposium"
I placed a phone inside a stone which was installed at Tsukuba city Central Park. I sent a pamphlet with the concept and phone number around the world.
During the exhibition the phone rang nonstop inside of the stone day and night. I received many cards afterwards fron people who called the stone. Anyone could make the phone ring for free from anywhere in the world.

earth call Tsukuba

"Environment Call 03-551-5100" 1987

In 1987 at the "Tokyo Water Front Festival"I made an installation using 100 tons of stone called "Beer Station".
Amongst the stones where two stones with phones in them. The callers could hear concerts and Performances during the day and could hear the sound of the river at night.
During the Festival phones were very busy.

earth call Water Front Fest

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