Concerning T I M E

What is time?

one second

The clock of Searching for one second from 1000 years.

The left gear wheel has turned by 1000 revolutions per minute, the biginning from this gear, the 4th reduction gear is rotateing one revolutions par minute just like a second hand, the 13th big gear is rotating by one revolutions par 1000 years.
The right side gears from the big gear increase 10 times rotation each by each. And the final gear which is one revolution per minute is theoretically second hand. But this second hand is very unstable rotation because of motive power is from the gear of one revolutions par 1000 years.
I think the time in the cosmos is just like the final gear movement. This is a contrivance for the time of the cosmos.

primitive time

This is a Machine to Show the Movement of a Second

The time of mankind

one second

The left gear is rotating one revolution per second by motor. By reduction gears were joined like chain, the 4th gear rotates 1 revolution par minute, the 10th gear rotates 1 revolution par 2 years and the 16th gear rotates 1 revolution par 2,000,000 years but this gear has been locked in concrete it like fated.
Although this system does not rotate basically, the first gear is rotateing 1000 r.p.m. now. Because gear's material is brass and each gear is warping a little by force of rotation. Finaly, this system will break suddenly when each gear's warp becomes a limit.
Nobody knows this system will be able to move. By the way, the time of two million years is similar to the time that the mankind had started to act on the earth.

limit of species

A clock built for this experiment is still turning in the lobby of the Hiroshima Museum of contemporary Art.

peace watch

I exhibited this time-work at the Emon Gallery in Nagoya-sity in 1996.

limit of species

spinning all gear wheels for 20years and still now in the Peace Watch at Hiroshima Peace Memorial 2nd Museum.

It takes 70 million years to reach the opening in this puzzle.

It needs 70 million years to undo a lace ring from puzzle.
Please try if you have energy.
drawing of 70000000 years
drawing of ring's puzzle

This circle is not closed. It is open, there will be an exit after your action for undoing lace ring.
If small rings range to 51 pieces, it will need 70 million years to undo.

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