N E W   F A S H I O N  and  E N V I R O N M E N T

Daily space and its density

It's always become aware that my senses has assimilated into urban space perfectly whenever I walk on the street in the city, there are a lot of people, big buildings and beautiful windows. My all sences are perfectly infected rural scenery when walking around the neighborhood of the my house and around my studio.
When walking arround the city, I have thought sometime how far I had walked if it replaced with my house area. Conversely, when walking countryside, I've sometimes thought it is enormous if there were some high buildings in rural scenery. When I encountered with a big site of the farmer's house, sometimes I felt that farmhouse maight be much wider than a site of the high building in the city.
The time feeling and the distance impression in the city, when being in countryside, are different from that completely. Actually these two kind of things does not advance simultaneously in realistic feeling.
Old Yamato village where is my working studio and the place of Times Square in New York city do not exist with the same dimension, my feeling when I walk around these two diffarent space dose not crossover each other completely. Therefore, I'm interested in crossover two kind of dimension realistically. I tried to combine Yamato village with New York.
I picked two photos from Google Earth as the same magnification and the same angle, and combined two photos.

Amabiki and New York 800m

Left side is Yamato village and right side is Times Square in New York.

Amabiki and New York

the same point and the same angle.

Amazing!? The difference of this space-time is enormous.
The times squares of New York appear in the scenery of Yamato village. Completely heterogeneous two space-time are recognized in the identical space and become to be felt simultaneously.
As a basic unit by us do not change at all, but the environment which surround by us changes our own feeling and recognition. Or our own feeling being adapted to environment under non being conscious.
These two space are existing simultaneously actually on the earth, and of course it is possible to go to the both area. But it needs certain storys or memories usually in order to justify diffarence of space-time, therefore it is possible to maintain actual order. For example, it needs one hour by train to arrive at the city, it takes half a day by airplane, we are visiting in the city for sightseeing, shopping or working. The leading character of the movie of "Planet of Apes" was able to recover order after he found a long history of the Statue of Liberty was buried in the shore.
If there was a real stuation like this poto's landscape, how do we recognize and what can we feel?.
I think it is an art.

New Fashion

Shoes are important items for us, and also shoes are one of the basic things in the modern's fashion.
Although it was a basis with a general idea to put on the shoes which fitted a foot, I tried the new conceput to put on sfoes in the left-right reverse. I feel my senses is more frankly and more freely.

Let's try to put on the shoes with right side left!

shoes shoes-2
shoes shoes
Obove two photos are at a party in USA, a man who is left side legs on the right side photo is the Mayor of SaintPaul.

The basis of communication is a relation with other people. The foot and pertner's foot have the relation visually. It is the big function to release our personal senses.

Air Pollution and CO2

Whenever I see cars spewing gas into the air it makes me angry. the government makes rules to control pollution but there are only minimal results. The problem is in car design.

drawing of a car2

Until now the drivers comfort and safety were the only factors in car design.

drawing of a car1

From now on if the car emits poisen gas it should kill the driver.
One basic concept of democracy is to not trouble the majority of the people. The car designs until now have not reflected this way of thinking. Why do the great designers and leaders of our age not see this.

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