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When you roll up a long rope around the earth

ropeThe circumference of the earth is about 40,000km. If you use a long rope that length is1 meter longer than the circumference of the earth, and roll up the earth. Do you think about how much distance between the earth and rope?


A question about match

mattchiI am sure to say that the sculptor is curving from sculptor's life instead of material for makeing the sculpture. I don't want to say such a strict talking here, we shuld make a head more flexible.

The right drawing is a right-angled triangle with 12 matches. If it assumes that the length of one match is 1, this area of a triangle is 6. So you should make the area is 2 to muve some matches. It must be one form. It meens that you should make 1/3 of one form area from this triangle.

I asked this question many people. Only one person whose name is Mr. Fujie found the right answer. But this is not difficult question, only we need flexible head.


I have heard from student about a diagrammatic question


There are 5 triangels in a star's figure. Please make 10 triangels to use two straight line.
(example-1, there are 9 triangels)(example-2, there are 7 triangels)


Fold up a bed sheet

fold up a sheet

In a dream, you fold up your bed sheet. How many times you fold it if you want to make thickness of folding sheet to the moon?
It is very easy. You fold up your bed sheet only 40 times, then you will sleep on the moon.

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