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A stone is the lump of space-energy.

The stone is the most primitive material and human beings gained the first substance in our personal appearance. The stone is the substance generated with the earth, it can also be said that it is an only space-material. Many materials which are building in a present age civilization are extracted from a stone.

There are many things which can come to hand as a material recently. Almost all the things are processed from raw materials or ingredients by industry. Although there are many stones anywhere, in fact the stone is not generated as a material for us. The stone quarried out from the earth is called ore. This ore is not a material yet either. It is a part of the earth, it has kept intension of the energy of the universe-time as the one existence which transcended man. Countless stone which is in the dry river bed also has the energy.
I cannot use existence beyond myself as a material for my individual sculpture. Anyhow, a stone is taken to me and is the lump of one universe-energy. It is a problem how I use the stone as a material of private sculpture. As a conclusion, It makes transform one stone to the dimension of a material from the dimension of a existence. Since I make one stone convert into a material by one's hand, I begin work. My once work began from making it a pavement material, or slicing thinly and making it a board. It is already material for me, and I start to make the original stone return it again.

"memory volume series"

That a stone can be carved and being divided are science.

It is the domains of science and physics perfectly to carve a stone and that a stone can be carved. Although we know that many years of experience and practice require in order to carve a stone correctly, if it has full knowledge of the science of the physics of a stone, even if there is neither experience nor practice, it is possible [ a stone is a very gentle material ] to carve a stone correctly.
Concerning the right drawings, the left figure is a stone gets a strong shock by chisel and edge is broken, the right figure is a stone gets the shock and angle as the same place by a big rock. If two stones under the completely same situation can be broken the completely same tip. A stone can be split in the weakest place and a weak direction to a shock. The stone is carving with the same theory.

The science of a chisle and a KOYASUKE.

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