Concerning the   EXISTENCE


Recently, informations which are offered from many kind of the media become big stream, and are controlling the trend of society and humanity.
I think there is a problem that this stream flows to one direction which is only for public interest and easy understanding. An information which has no receiver doesn't come into existence, and also an information which doesn't understand doesn't come into effect. That is to say, the outline of information is just like the outline of the economy and capitalism.
The people who is the receiver of information is a kind of broilers that pay money and consume a lot of things. The media is evolving day by day and is being manipulated for making brainwashed simple-minded broilers that abandoned own thinking.
Art world also might be same. Only thing, that is easy understanding, doesn't need thinking and is technical skill, is circulating in this world now.
According to Pascal. Originally, "Man is no more than a reed which is the weakest in nature. But he is a thinking reed".

Plan drowing 1 space stone
A form of the COSMOS

Plan drowing 2What is the sculpture? What is "KUNST"?
Vague my reality. I've not had sure form as the reality yet. Although a faint Volume as reality is recognized by my body faintly.

If human beings is standing on a tip of the nature. Great nature contains the whole of us. Or great nature will give us a nature's providence. Supposedly, It must be the same thing that I make a form from in my vague feeling and that a small star comes into the world with nature's providence. In the principle of causality, it is the same reason as well that the universe exists evidently and that I'm existing and thinking now.
I think the sculpture is that creates a star or a universe into the world. It is a state of my universe.

Consideration, the dimension of the earth

It is difficult to understand directly How big the earth is. How big is the earth?
I try to collect long threads of 40000 kilometer which is the length of around the earth.

bace string
1 roll is amount of 25 kilometer. (synthetic fiber of the rope)
It is inexpensive and strong.
1600 rolls is 40000 kilometer. It is the just length of around the erth.

Long time ago, I was 26 years old. I bought an amount of threds which length is 3000 kilometer, then I tryed to reel up one sphere.(the photos of the following) It had taken many years.
I showed it in my first exhibition when the sphere was almost 2000 kilometer. I continued to reel up after exhibition.
A hand made reeling machine has the limit of size and weight of sphere. It had become too big size for the automatic machine, then I had to stop reeling it.
At the same period, I saw one art work's photo on the art magazine which title is "Broken Kilometer" by Walter de Mario. I got big shock from his work, because I was also doing the similar concept, Mr. De Mario showed 1 km, I had been trying to show 40000 km.
It had passed Long years. I am already 54 years old now, but I have still kept this concept and also threads of 3000 km.
Now, I try to show the length of the earth round as a real threds' rolls. I really want to see and to feel the amount of earth length. Is it big? Is it small?
Although I am thoughtless for my age, I am excited.
Anyway, there is one problem is the expense to buy 40000 km threads.

I started to reel up on 1978.
A hand made automatic reeling machine on 1981
2000km/80 cm at the exhibition.

Almost 30 years ago

Consideration of the Roundness of the Earth

While window shopping a person walks 1000m. How much does the earth curve in this distance? I used the Pythagorean Theorem to calculate the answer to this question.
The earth curved 8.3 centemeters. The earth seems very small.

photo of Nakatazima
1986 Installation at Nakatajima Dunes

I wanted to make an installation in the city that would make people feel the smallness of the Earth.

Dinosaurs and Humans

In recent history human bodies are gradually becomming bigger. the Earth's population is growing rapidly and each person's space is gradually decreasing. Similarly automobiles and engines are increasing while oil suplies are decreasing. Dinosaures became extinct because they could not change with their environment Their bodies were too big.

earth situation

Please look at the illustration. From the left there is a 2 meter person, a 1.5 meter person, and a 1 meter person. The 2m person has a very narrow space. The 1.5m person has 3.4 times more space. The 1m person has 8 times the space. We are no longer in a generation where bigger is better. In the future it will be better to be smaller and have more space. The future of sculpture is the same. Rather than makeing giant stone sculptures to compete with the buildings and structures around it, it will be better to make small stones that can relate to the entire space. If the world would grow bigger as humans grow bigger than we would not have to think about this.

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