A friend came from FinlandSakke and Shimada

My friend Sakari who is a sculptor in Finland visited to my house in the first week of September. I met him and worked together in the Minnesota Rocks international sculpture symposium USA in this summer.
This period was still summer holidays of university, some students had visited my house just this time. We had welcome barbecue at night and talked about many things each other.
Next day we went riverside for lunch to eat Ayu what is very tasty fish in the river, then we enjoyed to play with river stones in the dry riverbed.barbecue This place is the my favorite place which I wrote No.2 "Favorite" in this short essay (chat) page. It takes one hour by car from my studio, so I have been coming there as usual when I have a guest.
Next day, I and Sakari went the triennial exhibition in Niigata which is a very big exhibition located in mountain side of Japan, named "Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial 2006". There were many contemporary art works in a landscape, and olso installations in old farmhouses.
We stayed two nights in a hot-spring hotel and eat a lot of beautiful Japanese foods. Although we spent three days to look around the exhibition, we could see only1/3 art works of the all.
Final day, we went Asakusa where is an old and traditional part in Tokyo. It is very interesting place, there are a lot of traditional shops and historical places. We enjoyed shoppings, sightseeings and eatings.

It started an ordinary days next morning, I left my house early morning to university, he also started to go back his home in Finland.
We have the proverb in Japan. "There is a friend. A friend cames from so long distance. Why doesn't it enjoy, why isn't it happy."

We made small sculptures used river stones. dry riverbed
We call "Yana" what is the system to catch fish made by bamboo. Yana in the river
in a quarry
Quarry of white granite. Two workers are working on the rock.
the work of Mr. Furugori
Earth work of Mr. Furugori, it has been dug into the ground.

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