visiting Holland

library in the University
Delft city
University of tdDelft

The 1st of February 2006: Some days after my exhibition finished, I visited my partner at Delft University of Technology in Holland. She has been staying there in half year for her researches.
It was tha first time to visit the Delft University of Technology. There are many modern buildings in ample space. I visited the faculty of Industrial design. Many scholas and reserch doctors have reserched their own field in wide space. I felt an atmosphere some kind of adult that is impossible to feel in Japanese university.
Photos of above are center square in downtown of Delft, front sight of the building of Industrial design faculty, and inside view of library in university which is impressed architecture.
There are a lot of modern buildings to use the arrangement of colors which are red, blue and white. It is from national flag of Holland. Conserning of the building and interior of Industrial design faculty, it is very useful and beautiful design also following three colors from national flag.
I have never seen the building in Japan which used red and white from Japanese flag. I think it is not so bad to use red and white, although it depends on disign of course.dinner with Poul and Emilia

A photo of right: We were invited dinner in Amsterdam by Prof. Paul Mijksenaar and his wife Ellen. He is well known designer of sign design specially his design works of Schiphol Air port, New York Air port and so on of all over the world. He is interested in the navigation system now.
We enjoyed typical Dutch cookings and foods. There is one old pub close to this restaurant. I didn't take photo, it is small and old pub but there is marvelous atmosphere. We visit there with Gerard who is sculptur and my old friend. I would like to come to Holland againe only for the reason to visit this restaurant and pub.visit to Elif and Alex

A photo of left: We visit new home of Elif and Alex with Piet. Elif is doctoral student and Alex is research worker, Piet is assistant professor of industrial design faculty and same team of Paul to research sign design.
We enjoyed special dinner that Pon-chan (I have called my partner recently) and I cooked Sukiyaki. We were very sorry thar Piet doesn't eat meat. Next time when he comes Japan, we will invite him to a special restaurant of the Shojin cooking which is very famous traditional Japanese cooking without any meat and fish.
Any way, I'm thankful for their favor.

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