my favorite place

Naka-river1 Naka-river2

Arriving at the place where is Naka-river side after one hower driving from my studio to the north. It is the place that a time is floating leisurely.
I can'nt see any artificial things and people. I would like to play with stones and spend a time in a whole day. I do fishing, conoeing and camping in the sommer here but it is so calm now. I have heard "Danny boy" of Clapton from the car radio in always when I am here. My memory is brought back to a time of the day long past, I had played with many stones at river side when I was child.

"studio the 3rd Factory"

studio the 3rd Factory

I got personal stone's studio in Yamato-village with my friends. There are a 15 tons crane, 2.5m diamond saw and big air compressor. We put the name here "Studio the 3rd Factory".
I had lented a space in a stone company befor but this company has become bankrupt last year, so it was very hard situation to make sculpture while one year.
I have goten stone's factory now, it is a very good and happy things but on the other hand I became so poor, I spant a lot of money to buy this factory.
Please come and visit here, and work your stone. It is possible every kind of work about the stone.

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