"Kurahashi-island Art Project"

island and Setonaikai

plan-AI will participate a fine-art's exhibition in the field named "Kurahashi Art Document" held from the 5th - 31st of this Octorber in Kurahashi island of Hiroshima Prefecture. The Kurahashi island has the quarry which produced the granite (assemblyman stone) of the Diet Building. Even now, it is famous as a place of production of white granite. Although Kurahashi-cho is a small fishing town, and also this town where shipbuilding technology prospered from ancient times. There is also the remains of the oldest dock of Western method in Japan. Kurahashi-cho has deep relation to the sea.
I went to Kurahashi-cho repeatedly this summer. I have been impressed by the beauty environment of the town and the simple life of the people in the island. Many narrow alleys are running in all directions in unaffected row of houses. There is the beauty of the space which has been made by the history, the climate and the life. There is no garbage on the street at all. I was impressed by the height of the aesthetic sense of the people which live.
photo's planI have brooded over the ability what I do in this beautiful town when I was walking around in a town. The leading roles of an exhibition are the rows of houses, and a resident's aesthetic sense. The art work which I make is only a supporting player in a town. So I consider a work what is not conspicuous, not becoming a decoration, breathing calmly in a town.
The "Amabiki Village and Sculpture" which is an exhibition of biennale in Yamato-village of Ibaragi Prefecture are also the exhibition currently continued for years, I also have perticipated. It is one of the exhibition that there is an important factor which connects a climate and present age fine arts of Japan. It is that a work does not become the ornament of space, that an art (work) does not pretend to know everything [ that an artist's ego does not disturb environment ], etc.

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