It was inpossible busy until the first week of November.busy

2003. 11. 17, concerning the word of "busy", the Japanese writing called "Kanji" what was introduced into Japan from China is combined with two characters, one-side is a letter of heart, the other-side is a letter of dead. Anyway, this word is very useful, but the other hand, it is very dangerous word.
Although many people use the word of "busy" even I have used many times. I have not to pay much attention to use this word, but I have to pay much attention to use it. I don't want to lose my heart for everything and every moment.
Many artists even though many famous person use "I am busy", their hearts might have died before they know it. I will say "I am not busy, but I have to do many things so I have no time to pay attention about it now."

I was not busy from the first of this year till this November, but only I had to do many things for my works in that moment.
And now, I am happy that I have a lot of free times. Although I need more works to make a mony for life, the other side I need a time what have to do nothing at all. I am living in such a cintradiction.

I reset the environment of my office-cum-living house and myself.

2003. 2. 17.   The owner from whom I had lented the house had gone bankrupt and the house where I had lived will be put up to auction, so I had to move to new house.
Although I don't like moving anyway, I had no choice but to move.
I found a nice house in the country side of Tsukuba-city finally. There is a big pond beside the house, it is possible to fishing there. Please come and visit my new house. I wrote doun the new address on the "profile" page or the "contact address" page in "Turtle Project".

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