A series of " C O C O O N "

I started this series from when I wanted to get into the stone and be wraped myself in the stone. Almost all "Cocoon" has a space for my body inside.
Decomposition and composition are going in the same time, through this barren deed, stone absorbs human's elos.

"CRUST- cocoon" 1993 size:200cm(L) (owned by Ise Contemporary Museum of Art)

I am inside of the Cocoon

Cocoon at Nagoya

Cocoon at Nagoya2

crust-silurian sea
"Crust silurian sea-5" 1995 size:2m * 1m * 1m (h), 2m * 1.1m * 1.1m(h)

"Crust silurian sea-4" 1995 size:20m * 40m * 2m (h)
white granite, size:20m * 40m * 2m (h) (owned by Tokyo city)

Cocoon at ariake

Cocoon at ariake-2

Cocoon at Niigata
"CRUST- sea" 1998 size:1.8m * 7m * 1.9m (h)
at the Niigata prefectural Museum of Art

Cocoon at Toya-Lake
"Crust" white granite, stainless steel. at Toya lake in Hokkaido

Cocoon at setoda
"CRUST" 1995 size:290cm(h)
at Setoda in Ikuchi-island, Japan

"CRUST-Silurian sea-3" 1994 size:700cm(L)
at Kochi prefectural Museum of Art, Japan

Cocoon at Yonago Museum
"CRUSR cocoon97-1"
"CRUST cocoon'99" 2000 size:225cm(h)
at Yonago City Museum of Art

Cocoon2 at Mizunokuni-Museum
in the "Water Museum104" 2005
"CRUST cocoon" has enough space to confine a person inside.

Cocoon3 at Yonago Museum
Installation at Yonago City Museum of Art, 2000
/ each piece has water inside

Cocoon2 at Yonago Museum
Installation fo "CRUST cocoon" at Yonago City Museum of Art, 2000
/ each sculpture has enough space to confine a person inside.

Crust Origin
"CRUST origin'00" 2000 size:4m(h)
Installation at Yonago City Museum of Art, 2000

Crust Origin-99
"CRUST- origin'99" 1999 size:2.2m(h) a form of underground
(Utsukusi-gahara Open Air Museum of Art)

The "origin" is a work which goes through from the first floor to the ground floor. There is a small and deep puddle on the first floor that goes through to a form of the ground floor.

Crust Origin
"CRUST- origin'99" a puddle of the firt floor

"Cocoon" at Hiroshima old Nippon Babk 2003(A vault of Underground)
(owned by Ise Contemporary Museum of Art)
Cocoon inside
inside shape of "Cocoon"
Cocoon Hiroshima

"CRUST cocoon97-1" size:190cm(h)/ white granite
"CRUST-sea" size:140cm(h)/ white granite, full water
"CRUST cocoon97-2" 1997 size:207cm(L)/ inside stone keeps water.
at Plus Minus Foundation, Holland

Cocoon at Holland

Cocoon2 at Holland

"CRUST - from ancient sea 13 & 14" size: 210cm (L)/one piece, white granite, water
in the Water Museum104 (owned by the Water Museum104)

crust -ancient sea

crust -ancient sea

the upper row and left at the Water Museum104

"CRUST - origin"

"Origin-00" 2000, size: 4.3m (L)
white granite, water, at the Prefectural Museum of Art in Tsukuba



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