A series of "CRUST"

Stone has two kinds of face. One is very rough and aggressive which is just after came off bedrock, and the other is very tender face on a rever stone which had passed long long time. If a stone exposed these two faces at the same time, an immanent eros in stone migth be extracted beyond the space and time.
A shape comes form the nature, I just help a little to appear it.

"STONE DIMENSION" 1985 main sculpture's size:3m(L), white granite/ installation in the gallery.
(owned by Tobishima co.)


stone dimensiton85

crust on a wall-87
"STONE DIMENSION" on the wall 1987 size:3m(L)

"CRUST- 7" 1993 size: 5m(L)



crust eros
"CRUST" 1993, size: 1.6m (h)

crust at Nagoya
"CRUST - 4 & 5" 1993, size: 1.5m (h) and 68cm (h)
(owned by Ise Contemporary Museum of Art)

"Stone dimension - accumulation" 1985 size:7.7(L) * 3(W) * 2.2m(h)
(owned by Kobe-city)

CRUST accumulation

CRUST accumulation

"CRUST- nest CR" 2000, size:2m(h) * 3.5m (L), Changwon-city, Korea

nest 2000

nest 2000

"Stone dimension - accumulation" 1988, size:2.5m(h)
(Sofiero park/ Helshingburg/ Sweden)



crust nest in KASAOKA
"CRUST - nest" 1989, size:3m(h), (Kasaoka-city)

Crust Nest -98
"CRUST-nest" 1998, size:1.9m(h), (Tatebayashi-city Sculpture road)

"CRUST - nest" size:1.8m(h)

crust nest in embasy

Crust Nest in embasy

"CRUST - nest" 1989, size:1.4m(h), black granite

inside shape of "CRUST - nest", outside shape is the rough.
Photo is the inside view which I installed in Yonago-city.
size: 3.5m(L)

"CRUST - restoration" 1987 size: 2.2m (��) * 0.9m * 0.9m * 2 pieces, (the Gallery UEDA Warehouse gallery)
We throw a lot of broken pieces away on the way to make a mass of sculpture's material. I put every broken pieces together again, then it becomes a shape of the first rough stone like a hull.
There are nothing to throw away.



"CRUST Rock" 1987 size:6.5m(L)
Installation at the Gallery UEDA Warehouse gallery, material is a rock bed and iron rods
1) Drill on the surface of a big rock bed to many places
2) Split surface out many pieces.
3) Put all pieces of rock bed together to use steel rods in a galley.


crust on a wall-87

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