From collaborators of "Volume of lives- beside the body"

I received some photos and comments from collaborators. They have kept a stone beside them always.

2006.9. Photos from Ms. Horii.
A stone of the No. 15 had lived in Sardinia island Italy with her for a while.
Distant view is the town where she had lived. She made some art wroks in there.
from Ms.Horii
Some photos from Mr.Huruhashi which is the No. 18.
A thong was already worn out that I had attached to a stone.
He has kept a stone in a pocket with some coins now.
so a stone's color had changed by many coins. He visited Inujima-island with a stone.
There is an old chimney f of an old times refinery which was built by stone.
from Mr. Huruhashi. He visited Canada in the summer of 2004.
These photos were taken in Vancouver.
No.18 in Canada
No.18-in Canada

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