UNIT Project

I named this sculpture UNIT. A UNIT is a basic part that can't be broken down any further.
The stone is a capsule shaped like an oval cylinder. It is 1945 mm(hight) 86cm wide and 45.86cm deeps. The basic idea is to keep people from forgetting the one moment 8:15 August Sixth 1945.

peace park

Every year thousands of Origami cranes made by children from around the world are sent to Hiroshima as prayers for peace.
The idea of this project is to take the Origami Cranes which are normally burned when they get old and put them in the Units and send the children's prayers back to various places around the world.
The Units would be placed in cities, in the country, in forests and deserts. It may seem like Stanley Kubrick's Monolith but it is not that mysterious and the Unit is much more passive and friendly.
The Unit is not meant to force people to be peaceful but to give a quiet feeling that may lead people to nurture peace within their own hearts.

The Unit is merely standing quietly.

Copyright © Atsuo Okamoto