Imaginary-city Metamorphosis Hiroshima


The exhibition was held in the Former Japanese Bank and on the Peace Street.
The Former Japanese Bank is located in the middle of the city. It is only a couple of hundred meter form the point zero of atomic bomb, so the building had an experience of this bomb. But we can't see any strong damages now, because this builbing had been built for the most safety Bank. I have ever seen a man's shadow on the granite steps in the main gate of the bank that was printed by strong light from a atomic bomb, it was my chaild time.
The most interesting part is vaults of underground. there are big and strong doors by stainless steel. I found the name of door's maker on these strong doors, it was written "Herring-Hall-Marvin Safe Co. - New York".
Concerning one function, these doors are one of the most strong and powerful object before I have seen. Ironically, a protector which is never destroyed was produced in the same place where be made a bomd which destroys everything.
I put my sculpture in this vault.

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Photographs are in the Former Japanese Bank meta exhibition meta exhibition