Solo Exhibition: Atsuo Okamoto

2003.11.1. - 2004.1.12. Contemporary Art Museum of Ise

The Museum is a small private museum located beside very beutiful shor of Gokasyo wand at Nansei-cho where is Ise area in Mie-prefecture.
I have showed a siries of "Crust-Cocoon" that is a kind of metaphor of motherly or female things and "Crust-Origin" that is a kind of metaphor of paternity or male things, on the ground floor. I installed some works of the The "Turtle Project" and other small works on the first floor.

INFORMATION (chinese fiddle concert)
On the 23rd afternoon of December, 2003. The museum will hold a concert by chinese fiddle in my sculpture's space. The artist is Ms. Cho-Gai.
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