Bitburg in Germany

International Sculpture Symposium in Bitburg was held on June and July 2003 at Bitburg city in Germany.
I participated International Sculpture Symposium in European city after an interval of fifteen years. I felt the time passed when I found myself that is unperturbed any happening, although there is nobody from Japan and nobody speak Japanese there.
I enjoyed daily life and made a sculpture everyday there.I was one of the eldest participant in this symposium

Bitburg is located west north west part of Germany where is called Eifel area, and very close to France and Luxembourg. There are a very famous brewery called Bitburg-Beer. All members stayed a hotel one and half month in the city.
I made a work of the "UNIT" serise used a big red sand stone. At the same time, we had a small exhibition in the city, I showed a small stone of "Volume of Lives" and looked for collaborators for this work, and all collaborators (30 persons of 9 countrys) were fixed in the period of exhibition.

However, I did not only for sculpture's working. I did fly-fishing two times in a beutiful river with good fisherman's fliends.

Ms. Ulrike Eickenbusch who is a cellist of the Stuttgart Symphony Orchestra gave a concert in the studio of Mr. Albert Hettinger. She is also one of the collaborator of "Volume of Lives". concert
A snapshot of dinner time when I and Mr. Daniele Bragoni who is also participant of symposium were the birthday. diner
The stone for my work, this is red sand stone of Eifel area. atsuo and stone
I did workshop at the school. I told my work's concept and the story of Sadako that is a famous story of a girl who got the atom bomb in Hiroshima, and I explained how to make ORIGAMI of crane in this story. at school
A lot of ORIGAMI of crane were put into copper tubes. copper
The letter of "UNIT A.LB. 03 s*1.25 co" was carved on the stone. unit_moji
Sculpture was installed in the landscape of the countryside where is very close a big transformer substation. unit_0
Please look a page of "Volume of Lives" in the "Turtle Project" about the detail of "Volume of Lives- Germany"