"excavate the Hole -2022" / from the 13th September to The 6th October

I have my sculpture exhibition at IRIYA Gallery in Tokyo 2022.
Then I will perticipate "Amabiki 2022" which is a outdoor exhibiton in where the place bside my studio. I'll inform it here lator.
Exhibition / "Atsuo OKAMOTO -excavation"

Okamoto exhibition's DM at IRIYA Gallery

"The Year of 2022"

It alresdy started the year of 2022.
I hope the all pandemic is over olso our world becomes peace order in 2022.

Tsukuba jinja


Atsuo OKAMOTO exhibition named "CALDERA" finished safely on September.

I would like to send many thanks for a lot of visitor to my exhibition despite the state of emergency of COVID.
I'm going to progress a little by little my art activity for the future.

OKAMOTO Atsuo Exhibition "CALDERA" page
Thank you very much.

"tiny wedges and tiny chisels for spliting stone"

I created stone spliting tools which are tiny wedge and tiny chisel for spliting a small stone or small river stone. I used to make chisels and wedges, and also tempering these on the forge at stone sculpture's atelier in Joshibi University of Art and Design.
These made by broken rods for smallest air chipping hammer.
I think these are original tools, and also we can't find these tools in anyplace of the world.

chisels, wedges and small air chipping hammer with chisel.

making and tempering chisel on forge in stone atelier.

"The Year of 2021"

It alresdy started the year of 2021.
I hope the all pandemic is over olso our world becomes peace order in 2021.
I visited a neighborhood Shinto shrine to pray for the New Year 2021.



"effect of COVID-19"

I and my wife have stay home for 4 months.
We do university teaching from online teleworking. Although it seems to easy, it's very heard work.
We pay a lot of attention for teaching, we have to strain ourself for all lessons.

"my lovely car had left on April 2020."

My lovely car's name is "Land Cruiser Prado". It's wonderful car. I drove him since 1998, and have driven over 540,000km.
The day he left me, I'm so sad, and shed tears.
I told him a lot of thanks for his obedience to me such a long time.

Next day, I get a new Prado.


new year greeting

"Happy New Year - 2020"

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