Installing Faraway mountain.

Faraway mountain Faraway mountain

I arrived Ant house in the evening on the 13th October.
I started to install the sculpture in Ant home gerden. I completed to installing sculpture on the 15th Saturday, and then Ant had a small lunch party for "Faraway mountain" on the 16th.
Then I moved to Warwick Art Center, and stayed there two nights.

Art Session Tsukuba 2011

The 8th October 2011.Forest on the moon

Out door exhibition opend on the 8th October.
I installed sculpture "Forest on the moon" three days before exhibition open without problems. Anyway I had a lot of stress when I had been working on the new work for this exhibition. I had to change sculpture's form from first plan, because of my right hand trouble. But now, I might be pleased with my work finally.
Three days later exhibition start, I visited to UK for installing sculpture of "Faraway mountain" in Ant house, and a meeting with Warwick University Art Center.

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I'm working

The middle of September 2011.drill holes

However I can't use right hand, I must work on stone for next exhibition which opens in October.
I'm drilling 250 holes through the stone. It's very hard work to use an air drill machien normally which is very heavy and very hard impact. But it's only a thing that I can do without my right hand, because I can use my left hand and also my right arm.
Well, I almost done drilling. after that I'm going to use a large diamond saw in my studio for making a shape of the stone, otherwise I can't make sculpture's shape now.

I was seriously wonded.

The 23th of August right hand

A large piece of stone fall down on my right hand when I was making a new sculpture. My right had had a big damage, eventually the root part of my third finger of right hand has bone broken.
I couldn't hold anything with right hand, so I couldn't get along normal life.
I was going to visit UK for meeting and installing my sculptures, but I had to cancel all schedules in UK. I postponed all schedules to the middle of October. I hope my right hand recovers until the middle of OCT.
I troubled many persons for it, and I apologize all person who helped me in this period.

At last It became the day.

The 11th of Jun 2011.
Although I've though I won't get the day, the time passes evenly for everyone and my selfish wish was ignored in always. And at last It became the day.
We call "Kanreki" which goes around all years in the oriental calendar.
I got a shock about span of my life which is left in my life are unknown quantity when I was 50 years old. And today, it disappeared another unknown quantity, my calendar was reset and it started again next another 60 years.
There are many people who have to finish their life in the middle.
Although I should be pleased my life that I could get through all years in oriental calendar, and be thankful as well. I'm so willfulness, there are a lot of things to do which I'm leaving in my life as a graspingly.

Workshop at the Sidney Nolan Trust

Workshop at the Rodd

Atsuo OKAMOTO exhibition
The First workshop starts on the 16th Monday until on the 18th Wednesday of May 2011. And the second workshop is one day workshop on the 20th of May.

landscape of the Rodd
Landscape of the Sidney Nolan Trust.

website of the Sidney Nolan Trust

"Forest" exhibition

forest exhibition

Atsuo OKAMOTO exhibition
It starts on the period of the 28th March - the 8th May 2011

Rootstain Parade Ground
Chelsea College of Art & Design,
16 John Islip Street,
London SW1P 4JU
Farawey mountain
part of works. I took this photo a day before start the exhibition.

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Japanese situation and my exhibition in London

the 19th March 2011
Japan was damaged by big earthquake and tsunami as you know, and it does not funktion infrastructures of many places in Japan still now. I'm offering a silent prayer for the souls of the victims.
My family and house are OK, my friends also OK, but my studio was damaged some structures.
I'm in UK now for my exhibition at the Chelsea College of Art in London.
I'm going to start to installing my works from the 21st. Some of works that I sent from Japan by ship do not arrive at the Chelsea College of Art yet, because of the ship came though the Suez Canal. I got information from the transport co. these works wll arrive at the sight on the 23rd of March. It's just in time.
The exhibition opens from the 29th March till the 8th May, and we'll have a plivate view of the exhibition at 6 PM on the 29th. Please come and see my exhibition if you have time.
I'll stay in the College until the 8th of April, then I'll back to Japan for doing many things.

Amabiki 2011 exhibition opened

the 15th January 2011
work of KuniyasuAmabiki village and Sculpture exhibition is opening from the 15th January until the 21st March, the exhibition has been held as a span of biennale.
It's very cold to looking around the exhibition now, it's winter and also all sculptures are installed in a countly's landscape. So all audience must walk outdoor. But nice to seenig sculptures in winter landscape. Amabiki exhibiition is a special exhibition, all artist is willfulness, and presses an appreciation to audience to look around sculptures in a cold wind and a snow. Amabiki 2011 exhibition is not flatter to audience.
work of Takanashi
left photo is the work of Mr. Kunisyasu.
right photo is the work of Ms. Takanashi.

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