"STONE - Project" Exhibition at the Pier Art Center, Orkney in Scotland
the 19th June - the 21st August 2010

Pier Art Center

Pier Art Center Pier Art Center

Artist’s works of the exhibition

Gerard work
Gerard Mas          
Hayashi work
          Takeshi Hayashi
Jessica work
Jessica Harrison          
Jake work
          Jake Harvey
Carlos work
Carlos Lizariturry          
Peter work
          Peter Randall Page
Joel work
Joel Fisher          
Sibylle work
          Sibylle Parche
Sussane work
Susanne Specht          
FOREST planet
          Atsuo Okamoto

Project exhibition room

Project rooms view

Turtle project “Volume of Lives - Orkney”

I made a new work of the Turtle Project for Pier in Orkney. I and Pier Art Center recruit new collaborators of "Volume of Lives - Orkney".

Volume of Lives - Orkney Volume of Lives - Orkney” width=”177” height=”234

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