2015.10. 4. - 2015.11. 23.
"ART SESSION Tsukuba 2015" exhibition

I installed my sculpture in a garden of an old farm house in the foothills of Tsukuba-mountain.
A little breathing starts in a hard boulder when all drill holes are connected inside.
Although it already completed my sculpture's concept when a little breathing starts, I really want to see all breathing shape in a boulder. So I start to excavate all holes.
It needs a lot of times, so many days to excavat holes, anyhow I can't stop excavation although I understand it's so hard work also needs a lot of times.
I spent one and half years in the total number of days for this excavation. I don't care it's an art or not.

Finally, breathing shape looks like a sparkler.

excavation of breath
"excavation of breath" 2015 / black granite boulder + three boulder / size : 787 cm(w) * 150 cm(d) * 100 cm(h)
excavation of breath
sparkler shape and a boulder in the middle / size : 187 cm(w) * 116 cm(d) * 100 cm(h)
excavation of breath


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