Solo exhibition at Corn Exchange Gallery and Gayfeld Squair Gardens in Edinburgh UK

from the 29th July 2010 - till the 30th September 2010
I had my exhibitions at two places in the Edinburgh Art Fetival UK.

  -   Edinburgh Art Festival   -   video for an art concept and for an exhibition

exhibition's preview


works in the gallery

"Faraway mountain" 2006
white granite, size: hight=140 - 160 cm

At first, I divide 12 columns from a large block of white granite. Then I sprit each column to small pieces until which I can take by hand.
I put stone pieces back a column again. Each column has a empty space inside which can't see.
Faraway mountain is still in my mind, but it became so weak.
Faraway Mountain
"Faraway mountain" at Corn Exchange Gallery
Faraway Mountain
"Faraway mountain" at Corn Exchange Gallery

Gayfeld Squair Gardens.

"FOREST - H1" 2008, white granite, size: 176 cm (hight)
"FOREST - H2" 2008, black granite, size: 70 cm (hight)

This is the first works that I started drill works which I use stone's drill to make holes.
Stone becomes transparency, also human's body is seen through by something in forest, my mind as well.
Forest-H1, -H2
"FOREST - H 1, - H2"
Forest-H1, -H2
"FOREST - H 1, - H2"
"FOREST - H 1"

Small works on a plinth in the gallery

Vlume 0f Lives -Vol2
"Volume of Lives - vol.1"
Volume of Lives -vol1
"Volume of Lives - vol.2"

I show tow works of Turtle project which are the first and the second "Volume of Lives" and a drill work.

please peruse Turtle project in works file, click on the following.

Volume of Lives - vol.1

Volume of Lives - vol.2
Forest -whole
"FOREST - whole"

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