2011.1.15. - 2011.3.21.
"AMABIKI 2011" Exhibition

"AMABIKI 2011" is a large and famous outdoor's exhibition in Japan now. This exhibition has been produced and directed by all artists, and we have been doing the same sistem since the first exhibition.
The exhibition is opened in a real winter in this time, so it's very cold to seeing outdoor's arts, but it's beautiful landscape.

Forest 2011 planet Forest 2011 planet
Concerning my works,
I chose location for my sculptures where is a residential area in ordinary town space, and my works are not large size in this exhibition. Boulder stone is almost 2.5 tons and fish bone shape's stone is around 350 kgs.

I use a pneumatic rock drill to make holes into the stone. Every hole must be connected at the core of the stone just like a branch grows up from the same trunk and the root. Each time a hard stone that was part of the planet is pierced by a hole, it starts to breathe.
And then, I am devoted to excavating intently the reborn form of the forest from inside the stone.


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