Cherry blossoms. 2011.4.14

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I came back to Japan on the 7th of April 2011. It looked half deserted in immigration hall in Narita airport. Although I had supposed before I arrived Narita airport there were a few people to visiting Japan from foreign countrys, in reality was almost no people in the airport. I felt a shock more or less.
I drove my car from airport to my home. It seemed normal situation of a sight on a way to home. I was confused.
There are many houses has been damaged on the roof in my home area by a big earthquake. And there are many earthquakes still now, it comes in each five minute, and it comes big shaking sometime. I get seasick.
A few days later, the all cherry where is arround a pond in front of my house has come into blossom. It seems just beautiful spring time, many people come and look cherry blossoms in warm day.
Now we have another serious trouble which is an accident of a nuclear power station in Fukishima-prefecture as you know. It's almost 160 km from the point to my home area. We don't have serious problems about redioatctivity here now, although I don't know in future.
But many people has been compulsory evacuated from their home in where is within 30 km from the nuclear power station. We got unbelievable damages from the biggest earthquake in this time. But earthquake is the nature, it's not for an enemy, we have to only protect ourself against a nature's influence. But the nuclear power is made by human being, it's absolutely not nature.
Cherry blossom blooms in a place contaminated by radioactivity when it becomes spring. But no body there.

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