Evolution and degeneration

a towering thundercloud

December 2008, I went to Asakusa where located in the middle of downtown in Tokyo. I had a free time at twilight time. I visited Senso-temple that is very famous temple in Tokyo.
There were a few people in spacious temple just like a sight that a crowded market has finished. A pagoda and other buildings were lighted up by bright orange color. Temple buildings' scene was so fantastic against deep blue sky.
How beautiful pagoda is! Japanese culture used to create such a elegant and beautiful building ago. Who did create, who did build such a complicated construction a long time ago? Whereas contemporary architectures are almost cheap-looking like a paper tiger. Although it's difficult to use some heavy materials to build large building, and it's impossible to use some materials that can't calculate strength it self for withstanding an earthquake. Especially modern culture and civilization regard the convenience and economy efficiency, so all method of building becomes a prefabricated way.
The nature of human beings or quality of culture has changed, the arts is same in recent years too. ------(Although I wrote some sentences about atr continuously in Japanese site, I can't translate these because of my poor English. It's very I'm afraid of misunderstanding of nice distinctions.)

We can't make Pyramid of Egypt, we can't build the Temple of Apollo, we can't build such a beautiful wooden pagoda now. It's a kind of degeneration of feeling, thinking and patience. Human's capacity is not limitless. We don't have enough inside space to keep everything, so we have to throw away some old feelings and thinking for getting new feeling.
Our civilization and culture evolve for the future day by day. And human beings thrives on the earth. At the same time, every artificial things becomes lightly, cheaply and fake. It may be necessary evolution and degeneration.
But it is not progress. We can't say progress about it.
Eventually, human beings is a kind of creature to change ratioanlly according to environment and situation.
Of course, the arts is same as well.

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